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Qvis HQA-Data formed in 2002 after 20 years in the IT industry, moving into a CCTV market where digital was becoming industry standard. We felt our IT experience would give us a strong background in this growing market, allowing us to help CCTV and security experts understand this budding new technology, driving the market to innovative solutions and then unheard of technology - We were the first company to provide a DVR with an integrated CD writer, JPEG2000 compression based recording and H.264 Realtime recording - All now industry standards. These innovations and our desire to provide the best technology at good value to our customers has taken us from our humble beginnings to distributing to over 25 countries from our new headquarters, meaning our sales team has direct insight into our production processes, dedicated customer support teams, and first hand experience with our wide range of products. Our all inclusive facility is assisted by our Quality Assurance and Control teams in the far east, giving us a strong presence in the field, and direct engagement in the future of CCTV and security technology, ensuring our customers get good, competitive value on our products.We believe that the significant growth of our company speaks volumes about our commitment to our customers, and with our forward thinking vision, the reason we are the chosen distributor of so many valued customers. This is just the first chapter in our journey, and we aim to be providing leading edge technology to the security industry for many years to come.

Adata has paid constant attention to R&D and manufacturing and have committed to significant investment and resource in this area. Our products are designed to the highest standard, are inspired by technology and innovation whilst retaining fundamental core values in functionality and reliability. Unlike many distributors we have our own manufacturing giving us and insight in to technology road-maps, market intelligence, delivers stringent quality control, quick lead times resulting in great products and all round better experience for our customers.